Two in a row topped with pictures from hiking

I’m getting crunchier. Get back to me in like three months and I’ll look like I’m ready to go hiking at all hours of the day.

It’s been over a month since my birthday … and here I am, writing about my birthday. Fitting, since I should probably first address how miserably I failed at my birthday challenge from last year.

Life has gone in a few different directions since last time, when I was stumbling down mountains and eating pizza. I’ve accepted that that cheesy goodness is best left for the right coast, and I’ve moved onto tacos and ramen, both of which are excellent out here. (The jury’s still out on seafood.)

July, August, and September have been the months of music. In the past sixty days, I’ve been to five concerts – and at some of the most beautiful venues I’ve ever seen. There’s nothing quite like sitting on the set of The Lion King while listening to The Head and The Heart and seriously contemplating killing the teenagers in the next row.

One of the highlights, at that same concert, was my impeccable planning skills, leaving me and Felix with two hours of sleep (approximately) after coming home from the concert and before driving to the airport to catch the 5:20am to NYC (where I ate pizza). As it turns out, we still like each other at that hour of the morning, which is a great thing to discover.

Speaking of which, Felix and I now share the same address, which primarily means that we have combined gin collections (three bottles) and technology collections (three computers, two tablets, and soon-to-be three phones). That also means that Felix has truly discovered my nightly skincare routine, which has been traumatic for both of us (I didn’t warn him about sheet masks before wearing one).

Last month saw us enjoy a long weekend on the East Coast, featuring seafood, Shakespeare, wine, and Zabar’s (and my birthday!), followed by his parents’ trip out to Denver for two weeks, featuring seafood, Shakespeare, wine, and tacos. Everyone is still alive and speaking to each other, which seems like a great way to finish two weeks with the in-laws.

And now … in September …

I’m employed! I actually have been since right after my birthday. I’ve secured what amounts to my dream job, and am happily back to paying for Cheeto Jesus’s Viagra and weekends playing golf at Mar a Lago (and as much as I hate to make light of the situation in Florida, I don’t think many tears would be shed if its name were its final destiny). If I’ve learned anything in the past month of work, it’s that engineers and programmers can’t sell themselves out of a paper bag (though they do make for excellent coworkers).

I have to admit, the best part is the flexibility: no need for me to adjust back to the two-weeks-PTO-per-year way of life in this beautiful country – instead, I can work from virtually wherever I want. So, with that said, I’ll be headed to London for a week before Christmas, where I look forward to a steady barrage of rain and plenty of wine and twinkling lights.

For now, here are some pictures of summer.

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