“Overqualified” is really a thing.

I know people have been talking about being overqualified and underemployed (whatever that means) for several years now, as the job market has gotten steadily more polarized towards billionaires and kids flipping burgers.  But in all honesty, I didn’t realize that I’d ever find myself in the position of being overqualified.  I have a B.A., which I thought was pretty standard by now (first mistake), I can write decently, and I have retail, office, and international experience.  But nope.  No one in retail wants me (no matter how correctly I can pronounce the name of the Swedish company or how I can verbalize the style of a certain “well made” store), and it turns out that you need to be in town for more than three months to actually get an office job.  So most of my past few weeks has looked approximately like this:


I’ve had a few meetings with temp agencies.  The most recent one consisted of a lovely former actor in a bow tie telling me how awesome it is that I want to “save the world and stuff” after I told him that my dream is to end up at UNESCO.  I’m probably going to have to stop making jokes about genocide before that actually happens, but I chose to just smile and nod.

As always, my dad is convinced that I’ll end up working as a blogger for a major corporation.  Or that I’ll be a taxi driver.  Or a diplomat (sorry to crush that one, old guy).  When I casually mentioned the part that if end up blogging for a company, they’ll have to deal with many F-bombs and some really dark humor.  His response?

“The Catcher in the Rye has F-bombs all over it, and it’s a classic.”

I think he forgot the part where it’s banned in about 50% of schools and libraries nationwide.

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  • Reply pentacles22 September 13, 2013 at 5:15 pm

    Girl you will find something or the “RIGHT SOMETHING” will find you…you know the tide of destiny will change and every thing good will come your way….you are awesome , funny, and super talented…the hardest thing is to be PATIENT till the doors, ( maybe not the right one to begin with) start to open..

    Good lucky my young , friend…your life will be blessed :)


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