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Four Seasons and Counting

Leaving London earlier this year, I was excited by the prospect of going back to a semi-regular schedule of four season. You know, cold in the winter, warm in the summer, some in-between situation in the fall and spring, preferably featuring colored leaves and pink flowers, respectively.

As it turns out, Denver likes to cycle through all four seasons in one day. A couple of weeks ago on Monday, I drove to work in the first blizzard I’ve seen in around five years, and by lunchtime it was 70 and sunny. And then my car froze overnight.

Anyways, fall has been packed with fall-esque activities, including not knowing how many layers to wear, buying a dozen tiny pumpkins to decorate the apartment with, and drinking red wine and whiskey (except here they drink bourbon and rye, which taste like vanilla bean ice cream and black farm soil, respectively).

I’ve also had the pleasure of taking a work trip to Boston, where I made up for living 1,000 miles from the nearest ocean by eating approximately 30 oysters and 3 lobsters throughout the week, all the while listening to the world’s most charming accent and dodging the world’s best drivers. I recovered when I went down to NYC for a weekend, had some real pizza, let Rita flirt with strangers in the park, and saw Drunk Shakespeare (highly recommended, if you can tolerate Shakespeare being butchered).

Since then, life has been busy in the form of discovering Denver’s dining scene (spoiler: lots of tacos), being generally outdoorsy, and working.

I’ve been at my job now for three months, and it’s incredible to be in a place where I wake up everyday, excited to get to work and spend time with my team. For the first time, long days don’t feel long, and a never-ending to-do list feels more motivating than exhausting. Of course, it helps that my office has unlimited coffee, caffeinated fruity water (yes, this is a thing), trail mix, and peanut m&ms (has a more Colorado sentence ever been written)?

If you would have asked me five years ago if I would end up here, I would laugh. At the time, I had just moved to Sweden for perhaps the coldest winter of my life, and had finished an undergraduate degree in possibly the worst dinner table topic ever – other than mathematical physics (hint: I had a professor who wanted me to do a joint PhD/JD in Human Rights and wrote two dissertations on genocide).

It’s something of a miracle that people are so willing to hang out with me and Felix.

In any case, my fascination in the tech sector has been slowly-but-steadily growing for the past few years. It’s a sector I constantly don’t understand – particularly back-end software solutions – but suffice it to say that I’m fascinated that not only can we make a rock think for itself, we can actually make a rock smarter than humans. From there, the question is – which startups will change the future, and which are a one-hit-wonder topped with a paper umbrella? I’m lucky enough to work in a team with some super smart, super experienced people, so I might have to change my LinkedIn to “current role: sponge”.

Part of me is a bit disappointed in myself that I didn’t go the way I thought I would years ago. Above all, the world is a cruel place to many people, and that needs to change. But it’s also hard to ignore my fascination with what I’m doing now. So my compromise with myself is strongly vetting out every company I associate with, make sure that they’re living by the golden rule.

Suffice it to say, I will never work for Uber.

Anyways, I’ll be heading back to the East Coast next week, first for 48 hours in DC to engage in some delightful bitching about politics (preferably over wine at an expensive gay bar), and then to NYC for my first Thanksgiving in the US in six years!! Words can’t even describe how excited I am.

Until next time, be happy you’re not a turkey.

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Forget what anyone from LA tells you, East Coast is the Best Coast

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Temporarily moved back to England at my hotel in Boston

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Exploring cute little neighborhoods by sunset; trying not to get run over by Boston drivers

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See above.

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My new iPhone camera not only shows you how crappy my skin looks without makeup, but also exactly how many strands of fur Rita has

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Cheese. Alcohol. It’s what we do best.

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Family portrait

Photo Oct 01, 12 14 05

My happy place

Photo Oct 08, 12 57 20

Warm? Cold? Who the fuck knows.

Photo Oct 09, 18 05 26

Snow. Japanese Maples. My office parking lot.

Photo Oct 22, 17 43 08

Dad came to visit!

Photo Oct 28, 12 01 17

I was tied up, kicking and screaming, and dragged to a football game

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This was Halloween, but apparently my coworkers think I dress like a dirty hipster from Brooklyn everyday

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