Hi. I’m Leah. This is Red Velvet Blue Moon. I used to look like Zooey Deschanel, but now I don’t anymore. See right. For all purposes, I am in my twenties, mostly because I will forget to update this crucial piece of information annually. I’m from New York, and after graduating from a university in the middle of cow country, I moved to Sweden, then to Germany, and then to England, first to Cambridge and now in London, where it hasn’t stopped raining since I arrived.

After growing up on a boat in Manhattan, I spent my time in undergrad and grad school talking about the effect that genocide has on kids, which makes me a very good dinner party conversation partner. More recently I have joined the real world as a functional adult, working as a writer for a London consultancy. I live in a little apartment and am constantly reminded that for the same money, I could be living in luxury. In, you know, north England or Arkansas or something. I would love to have a dog in my life, but for now this girl will have to do:

"Pancakes please?" 🐾

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RVBM was born from an obscenely hot birthday evening in early August, spent drinking beer and eating cake straight from the pan with one of my best friends. Too many beers happened, and I decided that I should start making my thoughts available in the public domain for anyone who wanted to subject themselves. My dream job is to spend all day  in cashmere pajamas with a perpetually full cappuccino and a floor-to-ceiling window writing updates about my life. I’ll let you know if that ever happens.





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